Posted by: ariasamparo | 11 January, 2011

guess the saying

Hi mates, can you guess my saying?



  1. Tell us a clue please!

  2. Hello Amparo, I will try with this one

    “Do as I say ( Not as I do)”


  3. I’m sorry Antolin this is not the answer.

    A clue: An animal is the “main character” of this proverb.

    Good luck

  4. OK, let’s try again

    “When the cat is away, the mice will play”

  5. It could be……but it isn’t

    The animal is much bigger than a mice or a cat.

    Keep on trying!!!

  6. hello amparo;
    maybe is possible…
    “stubborn as mule”
    thank you very much

  7. Sorry Jacinto,……it isn’t the answer

    but my animal is a mule’s close relative

    We are getting nearer

  8. Keep on trying, what about this one ?

    “Show me your horse and I will tell you what you are”

  9. You have guessed the animal (horse),
    but not the proverb……

  10. Here I am again , what about this?

    When you fall off your bike…. GET ON A HORSE!!!!


  11. I’ll try it…
    “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”

  12. Congratulations fllacer, that is the proverb

    Sorry again Antolin,

    thanks everybody , i’ve enjoyed so much this exercize

    See you!

  13. Have a good I have to say that Antolin’s work has helped me a lot to guess the saying.

    Have a good weekend!

  14. Congratulations Paco. Antolín, you almost guessed! Well done everybody, I am really proud of you. Let’s keep it up with the next one.

  15. I wouldn’t have guessed it in 20 years.

    Amparo, the relationship between men and motorbikes is hard to explain to a woman, specially if she is your wife. But you must know only one thing about it: if your husband tries to explain the advantages of buying or changing a motorbike you are lost; sooner or later he will arrive to home driving one motorbile.

  16. I think I am very fortunated. I`ve always wanted to have a motorbike and I have it. Not whatever but a Moto Guzzi, what means a legend for me. I like it very much, and my wife likes it also and I love she likes it. So what do think, am I fortunated?

  17. I agree with you Alberto , i think it can be a thorny subject to deal with a wife but please don’t frighten me; I hope the saying, at least in my case, never come true.

    Lucky Antolin

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