Posted by: teresavalve | 18 January, 2011

Guess the saying

Hi class! try to guess my saying



  1. Hi Teresa, I’m going to try:

    could it be “missing the wood for the tree?”


  2. Hi Yara,
    it could perfectly be as well, although I was thinking of another saying!!
    One clue: it has to do with one box!
    Tank you very much for trying it,

  3. I would like to try with this one

    “Think outside the box”


  4. Yes, Antolín! you’re right!
    Congratulations to both of you!
    I’ve learned another proverb from Yara’s idea!
    Thanks a lot for trying it!

  5. Thanks Teresa and congratulations Antolin (it’s your second, isn’t it?

    See you on monday,


  6. Antolin is a dictionary of sayings with legs…. Really, “Think out of the box” is used for many people from marketing department

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