Posted by: alpa72 | 25 January, 2011

My experience with people that have made downshifting

Hi mates,

Four years ago I met  a man who had done downshifting.

He was a chief executive in an insurance company in England. Maybe he earned a lot of money in that job but he was unhappy, mainly because of his boss (I don’t know the reason, but it sounds familiar to me too…)

One day he was made redundant and he realised that it was the chance to achieve all his future plans that his job  hadn’t alllowed him to do.

He sold his house in England and moved to Spain. He bought one of those self-made houses that Spanish people used to build in  the 70’s and 80’s in the middle of the country in Casinos, LLiria and towns like that.

So as to earn some money in Spain he worked as a native English teacher for small groups of students, mainly employees of large companies.

Really, I don’t feel this man was happy with this new way of living. He was always complaining about Spanish bureaucracy, about the company he was contracted through, about the quality of his house (I had to tell him the origin of that kind of buildings).

But this may be only my perception because he really worked a few hours a day and the rest of the day he could enjoy his hobbies: mainly a rare car and doing things by himself, even beer!

I think I would be happy if I had that kind of life, don’t you think?

If you have any doubts take a glance to this video:



  1. Que gran video!!!

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