Posted by: eoiantolin | 29 January, 2011

Guess the saying

Hi mates, just want to share with you this saying, cheers



  1. Hi Antolin, I’m going to try

    Perhaps, “Better late than never”


  2. Nice one, but keep on trying,
    Four words, that’s right.
    I have already given some important cues.

  3. I’ll try again

    perhaps the boss says….. “Don’t rock the boat”

    See you

  4. Funny but it is not the one. Remember 4 words and keep on trying.
    It’s an american(USA) saying and I’ve already told you one of the words.
    good luck

  5. a clearer clue, please……

  6. Ok, here I go. There is a saying’s word within every coment I leave, it is always the same and and as I’ve told you it’s the first of the saying.

    good luck

  7. Hi Antolin,
    I’m going to try,
    maybe, ” Go to the wall”

    .. At least the first word is “go”, right?
    Thanks! Bye

  8. Hi “silmarpi”, sorry but you’re wrong.
    This is not the saying and “go” isn’t the first word.
    Let me tell you that one word in your saying is also in mine.

  9. Although I’m not sure at all, perhaps…..

    “The die is cast”


  10. I’m sorry Amparo, you are working hard but you should keep on trying and be more accurate.
    Revise my answers, as I’ve told you the first word of the saying appears in all of them and itsn’t the word “go” like Silmarpi suggested.
    Good luck

  11. it has become a matter of “proud”….

    perhaps,…..”Keep the ball rolling”


  12. !!!!!! GREAT – WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations, you’ve got it. You’d never given up and finally you’ve won.
    To be honest, I think you’re the one who really deserves the prize.

    Keep on keeping on !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. AT LAST!!!!!!

    thank you very much

    I have to say that it has been a hard work.
    i have enjpyed very much this activity

    See you

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