Posted by: yacamru | 6 February, 2011

Contest “Guess the saying”

Hi mates,
Try to guess my saying

Good luck,




  1. Hi Yara,
    to be honest I’ve no idea but I will try with this one

    “You try to please everyone, but at the end you please no one,”

    But what it really intrigues me is to known how you’ve done the video and where ?


  2. Hahahaha Antolín, this is not the answer.

    The video was recorded with a mobile phone. Tomorrow I will tell you where.

    See you then,


  3. Really nice, it looks like a professional one.
    By the way, is it possible to have any help regarding the saying ?


  4. Ok, here we go:

    One of the characters that appears in my saying has participated in many movies.

    Think about it,


  5. Hello Yara,
    i think we need another little clue …….

    see you

  6. Let’s continue with it

    “What the boss says goes” or “A man cannot serve two masters”


  7. Well done Antolín, but you haven’t found the solution.

    Think about western films.


  8. Hi Yara, I guess one character is the sheriff, maybe

    “There is no enough place in town for more than one sheriff”


  9. Aiiiiis, nearly but no.

    Think about western films. There were the cowboys and the…

    If you review my saying the main concept is that “there are lot of bosses and just few workers”.

  10. What about,

    “Too many chiefs, not enough indians”?


  11. Perfect!!!!, congratulations Amparo.

    I think that the final prize will be shared by you and Antolin.

    See you on monday!

  12. Thankyou Yara and sorry Antolin

    I have benefited from your work

    See you

  13. Congratulations Amparo !!!!!!!

    You’re a hard worker and finally you get your prize.
    I think that it’s very important to be on line as much as possible, in order to see what’s hot. So you can take advantage from other’s work. That’s the play.

    Yara, it’s a really funny saying

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