Posted by: marisadedios | 13 February, 2011

guess the saying



  1. Hello Alberto, a question please

    What have you said after “two days off”?
    i haven´t understood

  2. Hi Amparo,

    I said “at Christmas”. I give to you a clue: you can say this saying after a weekend or any kind of holliday.


  3. Just want to try

    “what you can do today, don’t do tomorrow either and you have two days off ”


  4. Good attempt Antolin. But it’s too far from the saying.

    If you think in a spanish saying that is commonly used when you return to your job after holidays or weekend you will go it!!!

  5. Hi Alberto,

    could it be “Back to the salt mine”?

    Good night!

  6. Bingo! You are the winner. It’s exactly the same than the spanish saying “de vuelta al tajo”.

    Thans to everybody for your collaboration

  7. Thanks Alberto, funny saying.

    Have a good weekend!

  8. Congratulations Yara, this was indeed quite difficult to guess!. Well done, Alberto.

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