Posted by: mdcmonserrat | 2 March, 2011

Guess the saying

Good luck mates!



  1. It’s too difficult to target at the first trial but… it could be “out of sight, out of mind”

  2. it’s something about work exploitation and golabalization… but

  3. Sorry but the answer is no. The saying is related with appearances and in Spanish it is exactly the same.

  4. Thinking of the clues given, I’ll try with this saying

    “Appearances are often deceiving”


  5. Sorry, no. The meaning is the same but the saying is another. It is related with a metal.

  6. I don’t give up, ¿could it be the following?

    “All that glitters is not gold”


  7. YES!!! That’s it. Very well Antolin

  8. Congratulations Antolin! You’ve done it again. Perseverance is certainly one of your treats!

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