Posted by: alpa72 | 27 March, 2011


Can you imagine spending a wonderful Holiday in your own flat spending only 6000 € for all your life?

Is amazing, isn’t it? We can provide you with flats throughout  the world. You decide if you want to enjoy your holidays at the same flat every year or, on the contrary, you prefer to change your flat to know other places. Mountain or beach, cultural cities or new civilizations, every kind of holidays you have ever dreamt is on your hands every year without spending money.


Just for the cost of a single trip you can be the owner or your own flat, which you can enjoy yourself, change or rent to save money for your next holidays!!


We have more than 25,000 satisfied customers, whose opinions, experience and plans can be read in our website:

Fill the form in our web or phone our costumer service telephone (555 555 555) and the first step to enjoy your personal holidays for your whole life will have been taken.


PS. Be among the first 100 customers to  you fill in the application to receive  our newsletter monthly  and you will get a free weekend in one of our flats. Hurry up!

Francisco Llacer Romaguera
Alberto Palomar Abad


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