Posted by: ariasamparo | 4 April, 2011

Mailshot Luxury Pen

Dear reader,

You are probably tired of using the same boring, impersonal and ordinary pen. Aren’t you? Have you ever dreamed of being a Luxury Pen owner?

Be the first to feel this piece of art in your hands and stand out with the most exclusive and luxury pen ever made. Let it make you the envy of your friends and neighbours.

The Luxury Pen is used by the most important executives, the most powerful politicians, world famous celebrities and best-seller writers all over the world. A true mark of distinction. George Clooney says: “No matter where I go, no matter what I do, the Luxury Pen always comes with me.”

Light, smooth and comfortable, you will feel the difference at the first touch. Besides being an exclusive article, the Luxury Pen is a high quality writing tool. What more can you ask for?

Just fill in the attached form within the next 10 days and you will take advantage of a 10% discount and in addition a free engraving on your pen. We guarantee you´ll be fully satisfied.

Visit our website at
Sincerely Yours,

PS. This offer is also available on our website. If you fill in the form there, the discount will become 20%. Don’t let this great opportunity pass!.

Yara & Amparo & Antolin


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