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Bloggers awarded in Moscow, winners of contest for journalists

Posted by newsfromrussia.comon 07.2010

The Russian International News Agency (RIA) recently conducted a contest for Russian journalists to publish an essay using the agency’s online source. Bloggers and journalists were asked to discuss their feelings about the vast changes that have occurred in society since the fall of the Berlin wall. The “Generation 20 Years after the fall of the Berlin Wall” competition was designed to generate interesting text from political journalists who are familiar with the ins and outs of online publishing. The contest provided an opportunity to discuss both a motivating topic and to utilize a new method of journalism.

The RIA chose the Internet for publication in order to demonstrate the value of online communication in today’s world. By using the Internet as a resource for communication, journalists and bloggers may immediately share their views and obtain the ability to review the opinions of other professionals. With the discussion of the changes to society after the fall of the Berlin Wall, an open forum was established that allows ideas to be shared and writers to be stimulated to include their views. Both the European Union office and the Russian RIA Novosti News Agency participated in designing and implementing the contest rules.

Other important items recently published through the RIA Novosti involve the questions raised during the Russia-EU summit about Russia’s role as a part of Europe in regard to returning illegal immigrants to their native land. The discussions revolved around how the process is implemented and whether illegal persons should be immediately turned over to Russian border guards. Another question under discussion involved whether the need for Visas should be dissolved between Russia and European countries with some in favor and others opposed. Leaders Medvedev and Merkel have suggested a proposal to create a Russia-EU security committee to study interaction between bordering countries.

Russia’s struggle with internal security questions continues while some Russian bloggers criticize major banks, institutions and airports within the country. This new trend toward open communication is causing many Russian establishments to be concerned about commentary occurring freely over the Internet.

Other Multimedia News

Celebrations honoring the twenty years following the fall of the Berlin Wall continue to inspire people throughout the world. Thousands gathered at the site that fell on November 9, 1989 to remember the remarkable change that would result from removing the barricade. Amazing photographs have been published on the Internet that document how the Berlin Wall appeared twenty years ago. The quick destruction of the barrier will be long remembered through the images and stories that appeared in newspapers throughout the world. The recent celebrations to commemorate the twentieth anniversary are now available worldwide through Internet publications and videos.



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  4. I really like how this new technological enviroment helps to improve our lives. Also I really love the possibility that the Internet brings to journalists and information: FREEDOM (something we think we have, but in my opinion doesn’t exist in newspapers or TV or whatever…)

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