Posted by: edrodri | 14 October, 2011

My favourite honeymoon destination

I’m often asked what my favourite honeymoon destination is, and the following is my favourite option. All the information for an adventurous Rome honeymoon is included below.

Rome is one of the most popular cities in the world. No other city in the world has so many monuments, so different, so rich and so beautiful.

The city of Rome lies between the hills and the sea. It was originally built on the famous seven hills that still form part of the city. Walk any street, and you will find a statue, a fountain, part of an ancient wall or a square.Imperial, Classical, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern: all these periods are represented in art and architecture.

You can visit all the famous places like the Colosseum and St Peter´s, and throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. The weather is usually good and sunny most of the year. Rome is full of history and has a special atmosphere, and Italian food is wonderful.

You will find restaurants of all sorts everywhere, and you will discover that the most economic are also extremely good. Roman cuisine is tasteful, healthy, imaginative and varied. You can go to restaurants and have fantastic pasta and red wine.

Roman people are really friendly and sensible, so you will frequently meet very educated and erudite people. It reallyy is different from the silly stereotypes which see Roman people as Latin lovers and provincial.

They will fully grip you, no matter where you come from, your political ideas, the colour of your skin, your profession, or if you are rich or poor. No city in the world reflects the history of man´s endeavours quite as much as Rome.

This is the essence of the eternal city.

If you want to read more visit the italian tourist official website:



  1. Rome, a really nice place. I tell that because I have never been and I want to go. Does Ryanair fly there? (You know, economical problems nowadays…). How many times have you been there? Personally, I really like touristic posts, it is like travelling but with no money charge xD.

  2. I visited Rome a couple of years ago. I really liked it and I hope to come back soon.

  3. I agree with you. Maybe I´ll add a week in Tuscany.

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