Posted by: marfema25 | 20 October, 2011


The other day I wa s asked to write an essay about labour habits in China and I have discovered interesting things about the Asian gigant.

One of the things that most caught my attention is related to the exchange of cards.

When delivering o receiving a card, It is very important to take the corners of It with both hands and never throw It over the table or grab with one hand.

Nor should you keep a card below the waistline, as any Chinese will interpret as a serious offense.

I also find it curious that the majority of Chinise who speak English have a very limited vocabulary. However, if they don’t understand, They never say anything, just smile, so we never know if They are understanding or not.

When they meet someone for the first time, They nerver touch the other person, social greeting is the typical bow and a small smile. They don’t usually shake hands, but it is vey common that they do it out of respect for the other without being offended by it. Western customs are gradually taking on China  while kissing and hugging is very rare, even among married couples.

On the internet you can find much more information about China, I recommend that if You are thinking about going to vistit or live in China or in another country, learn before  about your destination and remember our saying” When in Rome do as the Romans do”



  1. I thought this only happen in Japan (In my opinion the politest country in the World) but I was wrong, this also happen in China, it is so nice to learn more about it. Thanks for your post and congratulations.

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