Posted by: atamayoc | 23 October, 2011

Forbes 400: America´s Richest Women

I have read a very interesting press article in which comments about the Forbes 400 list and the richest women in America.

This is not only interesting because of the Forbes report but also for the rich vocabulary that it contains.

I have made for you a short summary, but I added the url if you want to read the full article.

Forbes 400: Meet America’s Richest Women

Of the 400 Forbes List made this year there are 42 women. Of these list only 4 of this women are self-made billionares. The America´s self-made billionares are Meg Whitman, who is the former chief of EBAY. She hit the  headlines with the news that she is been tapped to take over in the Computing Company HP. Her wealth amounts to 1.3 billion of dollars. Her wealth got a boost with the Ebay´s shares last year.

Another self-made billionare woman of course is Oprah Winfrey with a net worth of 2.7 billion of dollars.

The last others are Doris Fisher who with her husband found the firm GAP. I think you know this clothes label; and Diane Hendricks who cofounded with her husband ABC Supply´s.

Talking about the two richest women in America, they have there  the heiresses  of the giant Wal-Mart, Christy Walton and Alice Walton. Their net worth up this year a 3% since 2010.

The other woman leading the Forbes List was Tamara Gustavson, daughter of Bradley Hughes Public Storage´s founder.

I researched more about this company but I don´t know anything about this.

 Forbes article:

Former chief: ex jefe

Stagnant: estancado

To Pegg: vincular

Juggernant: gigante

Heiresses: herederas

Assets: activos

Remains to be seen: estaría por verse

Shares: acciones

Boost: impulsar

Poised: estar a punto de…

Tapped: designar



  1. A very interesting post. Unfortunately most of these women are billionares from their husbands or fathers, not by their own works, efforts and abilities. However, we will always have to Oprah Winfrey as succesful business woman.
    Thanks for the vocabulary in Spanish.

  2. I really liked the idea to put the vocabulary after the text, it makes easier to understand. Really nice job

  3. Thanks for your comments!!! I thought this, because is very easier to understand all the post!! I encourage all classmates to do it!!
    Carolina is true but we can look in Spain there are women who with her fourtune made another new fourtune theirselves! Is the case of Amancio´s ex-wife. She have inditex´s shares but with this fourtune she invested in other companies like renowable energies and made his own foutune.

  4. Yes, it is true. Unfortunately I’ve made my post before seeing yours… And it is already corrected, so I couldn’t make a vocabulary part. Maybe I write it in the comments.

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