Posted by: DAVID | 23 October, 2011


I´m going to show you why I have weakness for Japanese food and specially for sushi and many of their varieties.

Nowadays there are a lot of Asian restaurants around the city and generally  they   aren’t very expensive.If you avoid believing the wrong opinion  about  sushi        (that is only raw fish on a plate) you will be able to enjoy new flavours completely different from Spanish cuisine, like  “umami” which is considered one of the five basics tastes together with with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.

In my opinion there are some plates that you can´t miss  as “harumaki” (mini-rolls), “tempura moriawase” (vegetables coat in tempura) and all kind of rice and noodles dishes. But the most famous is sushi which is based on cooked vinegared rice combined with  other ingredients.

Finally if you like japanese cuisine and  you would like to surprise your friends, there are a few Asian supermakets in the town where you can buy everything to prepare authentic Japanese food.

And here you can check that it´s easier than it seems




  1. Oh Japanese food! Mmmmm! I really really love Japanese food! The things that I like most are smoked salmon maki (a kind of sushi) and ramen (a Japanese noodle dish).
    I usually go to a shop called “” in Reino de Valencia’s avenue, is one of the best places that I know to buy Japanese food and stuff, and they sell takeaway sushi that is really tasty and with budget prices. The owner is a couple, and the wife (Miriam) is Japanese; she is the one responsible for preparing sushi.

  2. I love sushi and Japanese food in general. In my opinion, the best place in Valencia where you can eat an excellent sushi is called “Manga Sushi Bar”.

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