Posted by: patriserra | 23 October, 2011

My Top ten films of all time

I love watching films, either at the cinema or at home on TV. I have a huge collection of films on DVD and the ones I love the most are those that I can watch again and again and still be enthralled. I guess my favourite genre is thrillers but I like action and drama films too, science fiction films, war films, comedies…when you start thinking about it, it´s incredibly difficult to rate them in a top ten. So, here you are, they are not in a particular order, it would be an impossible task. I hope you like them as much as I do, let me know what you think in comments.

  1. The GoodFather ( 1972 ). An epic crime film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, based on the novel by Mario Puzo. I think it´s possibly the best film ever made, a touchstone of cinema. One of the most imitated, quoted and admired films of all time. The Goodfather was followed by a pair of sequels.
  2. The Lord of the Rings ( 2001, 2002, 2003 ). Trilogy directed by Peter Jackson consisting of three fantasy adventure films based on the three- volume book by JRR Tolkien. Considered one of the biggest and ambitious films projects ever made. It cost a budget of 290 million of dollars and the entire project took 8 years.
  3. Fight Club ( 1999 ) An American film based on the novel of the same name by Chuk Palahniuk. The film was directed by David Fincher and starred by Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter. One of the most controversial films I´ve ever seen. Just one quote of the film. First rule: Don´t talk about fight club, Second rule: Don´t talk about fight club.
  4. The Departed ( 2006 ) Directed by Martin Scorsese, one of my favourite films director. It´s amazing to watch Di Caprio as the good guy pretending to be bad and Matt Damon as the bad pretending to be good.
  5. Gattaca. ( 1997 ) It´s a science fiction film written and directed by Andrew Niccol. Another masterpiece but It´s hardly difficult to explain this film because this is not the typical science fiction film, no lasers guns, no aliens, no mutant powers…this is a drama set in a futuristic world.
  6. Amelie. ( 2001 ) A French film starred by Audrey Tautou. I think Paris is the city I love the most since I saw this film. It´s a delicious film about the simple and little things of the life. If you see this film, you´ll escape to another world.
  7. The Shawshank Redemption ( 1994 ) also known as Cadena Perpetua. Directed By Frank Darabont and starred by Tim Robbings and Morgan Freeman as main characters is based in a history by Stephen King.  An amazing film about hope and dreams.
  8. Pulp Fiction. ( 1994 ) This film represents the essence of Tarantino and it´s one of the funniest films I´ve ever seen, it´s hilarious and it has been considered the most influential film of the 90s.
  9. American Beauty. ( 1999 ) An American drama film directed by Sam Mendes and starred by Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning. I think that, in general,  it´s a satire of the American middle class about topics like sexuality, beauty, paternal love, materialism…
  10. Seven. ( 1995 ) Directed by David Fincher, In my opinion is not only the best thriller film ever, the ending is one of the most intense scene I´ve ever seen  and every detail is perfect and both Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman give great performances. The story is about two policemen who are searching for a killer that uses the seven deadly sins to kill his victims


  1. I had always thought that my favourite movie was SEVEN but yesterday I went to the cinema and I saw “LA VOZ DORMIDA” I recommended this film because the story it tells is incredible, tender, cruel and many more things if the film was American, It would win an Oscar and actresses will do a great role They take us back to The Spanish Civil War

  2. I don’t like going to the cinema or watching films at home, but the 6th film is my favourite one (It is the opinion of someone that maybe have seen 30 films in the whole life?). By the way, congratulations with your post there is a lot of hard work inside of it and I’ve learnt a lot about movies I have never seen, now I can talk with friends about films.

  3. I´m agree with you with some of the films you post. Gattaca learns me a lot of science, especially genetic.
    With Amelie I laught a lot. It´s a very very interesting film, but the stranger way to see the live who have Amelie its so wonderful, you know?
    Seven and Cadena Perpetua are a big films!! Well…. I love cinema and I´m very agree with your selection, You´ve been hunting a good top ten!!! Congratulations!!!

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