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Searching for the most prosperous cities to do business, I found a report on CNBC talking about this.

In times of recession the most important thing to consider if you have ideas and projects, is ask yourself: Where can I do business?? Whats cities are growing now? Where does business grow?

Excluding the miracolous city of Silicon Valley, in which something strange happens… All businesses have the capacity to grow their own, the CNBC article presents the most popular business cities around the world in 2011.

Regions such as Asia, the Middle East andSouth America have seen rapid economic growth, coupled with improved infrastructure, and in some cases, lighter regulation. Multinational companies have changed, setting up new offices in emerging markets, leaving behind developed markets.

Here you have a resume of the Global Business Hubs at the moment:

Paris: Paris is one of the most cultural centers in the world and comes in third among European cities with most international companies present.

Sectors like professional services and insurance have a large positioning here, but instead sectors like automobile and mining firms are least represented.

The city is home to big banking companies, for example BNP PARIBAS or AXA a popular insurance company.

Paris has almost 30 percent of France´s Economy.

It´s a beatiful city and prosperous too.

Dubai: Dubai is one of the most popular business centers in  Middle East and African Region, revealing the sucess of their government strategy which aims to promote it as a regional center.

The city has also converted in a safe haven for foreign companies outside  the political unrest of the rest of Arabia.

Dubai has a strategic location between Europe and Asia, and makes it a very attractive city to do business.

Government incentives such as tax breaks or liberal attitude with the Western Culture are one of the examples of their economic attractive. But there are some government restrictions like restrictions to operate in local market.

Madrid: It´s a good idea do business in Madrid cause it’s nearer than the others, but there are more reasons.

Madrid is home to more than 75 percent of companies in the media, technology and telecomunications sector, about the same level as New York.  It Is the third largest city in Europe, and it  has developed more than the rest of the cities  in Spain. The unemployment rate is lower than the national rate.

Besides spain is a popular country in the world.

Beijing: Beijing is a city with a very high rate of population about 20 million residents.

Sectors like mining, construction and agriculture have a high concentration in this town. Firms have a good interaction with government agencies and public companies, which is very important too.

Companies that want to acccess to local consumer markets have a good representation in Beijing.

Automobile sector has boomed in a few years, as China has become the world´s largest car market by  sales volume.

Besides China Goverment had made efforts to develop the central business disctrict.

Moscow: Moscow is one the most popular business cities, the second in Europe, and has made Russia a very important and properous emergent market.

Moscow has good infraestrutures and much higher levels of development than other large cities.

Services sector has a high concentration, especially professional services. Moscow has a important reason that make it a good Busines Center:Moscow has a highly skilled labor force and it often acts as a hub operations in Central and Eastern Europe.

Shangai: It is home to Chinás major financial institutions, and recieves a significant capital inflow from Hong Kong.

Sectors more represented are mining, construction and comodity companies.

Moreover,very important too, Shangai has also become a key regional center in Asia. U.S technology and manufacturing firms moved to this city.

London: London is a world´s popular business center along the history. The city still recruits the highest number of international companies in Europe like financial, professional services and banking companies.

The city accounts with the 20 percent of Uk´s economy.

Moreover capital rent in London is highest than that of other economies in Europe.

Tokio: Tokio is home to a lot of World Richest Companies, which we know, for example Honda, Sony, Mitsubishi etc. Tokio has a highly developed market and sectors like investment banks or insurance companies are well located in this city.

We can say that Tokio is one of the three command center of the world economy, but unfortunately the economy has stagnated due to natural disasters that happened recently.

Singapore: Number two of the Top Ten ranking, causeSingapore is a gateway to entry in one of the highest consumer markets in China.

Singapure has a high-quality infraestructure, and efficient administration, low taxes, a very important airport and port too, that makes it a good choice for many international companies.

The most located sector are banking and finance.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong is the world´s most popular city for international businesses, reflecting an economy with high power in Asia and around the world.

The city offers to companies a unique position inthe market. Companies can operate globally and still have access to a highly skilled and low-cost workforce. If you speak Chinese… Don´t Doubt it!!,Hong Kongi s The Numer One at the Top Ten Business Cities.

Despite the economic slowdown, there are more cities growing, if you want to do business choose yourself!

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  1. I really like the topics you write in this blog! This time I really like to know in each country which is the kind of business or the special characteristic that makes them important and famous. Completely amazed about Madrid!

  2. Well I will promise to you to search when I will have a “kitkat” the characteristics business in Madrid, but I Think that Madrid is a hub with a lot of possibilities. I will serach more about your question!! Thank you Abel for your comments!!

  3. I am really impressed about Madrid´s case aswell! Does it mean is the right moment to move in to Madrid, now? I might consider it!

  4. My friend! I think about your ideas ” the business in Moscow” is big mistake. you can like begin the your project in every place in The World and don´t in Moscow.Are think about Moscow? I think , you need think about Russia. Russia and Moscow are two different things. Russia is very interesting country, but not romantic. Really, the Russian Market has a lot of possibility, no body no.What´s is the end? Where are Business grow? Moscow has not good infrastructure and much higher levels of development.You mistake about services sector and especially professional services. Europe people know only the information about Russia AND Moscow from WHAT???? The reports from magazine and BBC and BBC, but it´s not really information. “GAZPROM” and ABRAMOVICH ARE NOT ALL RUSSIA AND RUSSIAN MARKET. The your imagine is only your imagine. YOU NEED OPEN EYES AND FORGET ABOUT YOUR IMAGINE BUSINESS IDEAS IN RUSSIA, IT´S NEVER WORKING. RUSSIAN MARKET IS REALLY VERY SPECIAL AND DANGEROUS.

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