Posted by: efamu | 24 October, 2011

THAILAND: The country of natural phenomena

Last August I travelled around Thailand. It’s the most beatiful country I’ve ever seen!

Thailand is often referred to as a golden land, not because there is precious metal buried undreground but because the country has this colour. It’s full of Buddhist temples, fertile rice fields of the central plains, white sandy beaches and warm hospitality of their citizens.

The best time to visit it is from November until the end of February, when  there is low humidity and a good temperature.

October is the wettest month and unfortunately this year at least 270 people have been killed by the worst flood in more than 50 years. In the province of Ayutthaya, one of the worst affected areas; people have been moving to evacuation shelters.

Moonsoon flooding, typhoons and storms are the worst catastrophe that can occur in this country and they have killed hundreds of people in the past four months.

When I was in Phi phi island (south of Thailand) everyone could remember the devastating tsunami. But fortunately today is an Asian paradise island where you can enyoy snorkelling and swimming.

If you are interested in this news, you can visit this website:



  1. It´s a pity that this country suffer all types of natural disaters because many people die every year. Everyone who has visited Thailandia is delighted with his people and the beauty of his beaches. I have planned a trip to Thailandia but not in a package tour just buy the ticket and visit whatever I want.

  2. Nice post! I’ve learnt a lot. In Spain it is said something like “the ignorance makes you happy”, well I am one of those who thinks this sentence is completely true. In fact, I like to believe and follow that sentence in my life; but when I read your post I’ve decided to investigate a little about that and I am so sad; I hope Thailand will get over quickly.

  3. David, if you want to go to Thailand I can recommend you some interesting places to visit! The best way to go is for your own.

    Abelvp, It’s true, We are ignorant people. Every day we learn something new!

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