Posted by: Dani | 26 October, 2011


One of the things I most dislike about living in the city is the fact that you can never see the sunlight completely dissapear. When I stay in the country I find extremely peaceful that precise moment when the sun is already hidden, and shapes begin to fade out so that you can hardly watch them. The intensity of streetlights deprives us of that interesting feeling of unreality, in their aim to keep ourselves and our properties safe.

Most people do like to observe the hypnotic movement of the leaves as well, shaken by the soft wind on the top of the trees. We can also enjoy this experience at the green spots of the city, although most of the times joined with the roar of traffic and the basal noise which permanently ruins each opportunity of listening no sound at all, just like the streetlights do with the darkness.

Breathing fresh and clean air, listening to the sound of water running, watching the sun go down and the moon rise up in the sky… these things are just an example of the price we have to pay for living in a populous city, crowded with huge buildings that grow everywhere, nowadays made with dirty money and fed with the greed of banks.

But this is just the dark point of view. Living in a city allows you to enjoy plenty of modern advantages and seeing beauty as well, although it is written in different codes.



  1. Nice post! My best friend has a second house in a market garden, almost once per month I have to call her and tell that I really need to spend a weekend there. It is a small house with a lot of hectares for cultivation, they haven’t got electricity and running water but the idea of going there without my mobile phone, with no TV, without people around you,… That is awesome! You charge your battery and you are again prepared to fight in the big jungle (called “the city”).

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