Posted by: abelvp | 27 October, 2011

The fear of white sheet 2.0

Since the day our teacher said that we should create a post for the blog, I was continuously struggling  about which kind of topic I should or can create.

At first, I was brainstorming and speaking with myself:

Right cerebral hemisphere (RCH): – “What can I write about? Let’s see. Let’s write about the last travel I have made!”

Left cerebral hemisphere (LCH): – “Yes, sure… About Chulilla, isn’t it?” (Peronal annotation: I really liked Chulilla, but I think it is not a quite good post to create, and it is not completely related with business).

RCH: – “Ok, Ok, then let’s write about some news I read on the newspapers.”

LCH: – “No please, no more disasters or tragedies, we have had enough!

RCH: – “Ehm, then, maybe I can write about something related to business.”

LCH: – “Can you be a little bit more specific? Because business involves many things.”

RCH: – “It’s true, let me think…”

Some hours or days later:

RCH: – “Already I don’t know what to write for the post!”

That is the Fear of white sheet (literal and surely bad translated from the Spanish Pánico a la hoja en blanco), this fear is very common in students and writers. To explain it, it is when you have to write and you have with you a pen and a white sheet of paper; you start being nervous and sweating thinking about what can you write,  time continues going on and the paper is still white without a simple word or line. For me, it is like the sheet of paper literally bites you and swallows you… Something really hysterical, I know, but it has happened to me several times; and, as you can obviously see, also for this post I have the same problem…

Maybe you can ask: “But this is the Internet, here there is no sheet of paper, everything is on the computer!” Well that is why I have decided to name this post “The fear of white sheet 2.0“, because the “2.0” makes this fear related to the Internet (Funny, isn’t it?).

This problem is very common, and makes you have a lot of problems when you are in a company or trying to find a job. It is like another fear I know that makes you have also a lot of problems in the company or at least makes more difficult the opportunity to have a job. I am talking about a fear where you are frightened to talk to the audience or classmates or whatever, I think it is called stage fright.

Just imagine: you are there, alone, with maybe 70 classmates or workers; so that means 140 eyes because, 70 classmates, times 2 eyes that has each classmate, equals 140 eyes (Did I count the teacher or boss? I think I didn’t, but also the teacher’s/boss’ eyes are involved in this situation). 142 eyes watching at you, like those eyes were nails and you were the voodoo puppet… Yes, yes, I know what are you now thinking and you are on the right, I also have that problem…

Nice personal skills, aren’t they? 😦


  1. amazing!!!!

  2. I feel the same that you feel when you sit in your chair and think.. well.. ehmmm I have an idea!!! Well… but … What was it now??
    I have this fear a lot of times when I forced to say or do something.. but I have a tip!!! (Sometimes work, sometimes not work)
    Don´t be nervious… Sometimes ideas come spontaneously… Sometimes I´m dreaming and Suddenly!! Woowww an idea!!! I wake up and surprisingly I begin to write fantastics ideas!!!
    The fear you feel It´s very common in people.. I think you can be take a big respite and… lets go….
    Well sometimes that does not work… and in this case I only can say one thing: Don´t panic my friend with experience all fears can pass with the time!!!

    Thank you for your Post really interesting Abel, I think more of people who will read your post (including me) feels the same!

    See you!!!

  3. I didn’t know what to write about either, so I looked over the window and wrote an uninteresting ten year old kid essay :). At least I’m sure that my next post will be more exciting…

  4. Thanks for your comments! 😀

    @atamayoc: My ideas usually grow when I am dreaming, but in this case I think I didn’t dream nothing (there were no ideas, no nightmares,…) xD

    @Dani: I’m looking foward to reading your post! Surely it is interesting 🙂

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