Posted by: amparopons | 30 November, 2011


If you want to work there, and if European Union doesn´t disappear, you have to check this web:

There are two kinds of job: civil servant or contract staff.

1.For civil servant, next Outcoming Competions are ASSISTANTS CIRCLE:

17/11/11: Secretarial Assistant (EL/EN/ET/FI/FR/GA/HU/IT)
01/12/11: Assistants (AST3) in various fields

Depends on your background, you can be Administrator, Assistant….

In December, check Indicative Planning for the next year “Competitions 2012” (select Apply here, click Indicative Planning).

It´s a long process, but the job-salary relation is very good. Check:

2. For contract staff/temporary staff (3 years), check:

It´s a shorter process. On the other hand, Brussels and Luxemburg are very good places to look for a job. Check Monster for example.

Good luck.



  1. If you don’t find a job in Spain then move abroad. I think it is really nice to see that everything is not black and there are already opportunities. Some months ago also people told me about TURESPAÑA that was giving really really nice jobs with a really good salary in the south of China (you work for the Spanish Goverment but live there). However, really nice idea to post, and thank you very much (I really liked it!).

  2. Thanks Abel. We must be open.

    This website is very usefull too:
    The European Affairs Jobsite. Jobs in Brussels, London, The Hague, Paris…

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