Posted by: abelvp | 15 December, 2011

Ryanair: The future of the silenced customers

I was the other day reading a really interesting post, from the other English blog that Marisa owns (Advanced English), and the post was made by XimoM. It was about Ryanair and his new idea: “fly without a seat“.

I know it can be really funny or maybe now you are thinking on a bus, I don’t know; but I am honest that there are a lot of rumors about this new idea. If you are interested, please check this link that brings you to XimoM’s post.

This post made me see a light through the horrible black tunnel of inspiration, and I said to myself: “Why not? Why don’t talk about Ryanair and what Ryanair understands about customer support?”

I am quite sure everybody knows that Ryanair is one of the cheapest low cost airlines companies, and I am also pretty sure that the 90% of you have flown at least once with this company (I did, it was a horrible VLC-MAD flight. The return? Well, I decided to take a MAD-VLC train, so imagine…). So, I’m not lying that all of you know some horrible anecdotes with this company. But do you know what kind of mistakes Ryanair makes? Or in a scale from 1 to 10, where is the customer support?

Well, that is why I have decided to write this and show you a good documentary film about Ryanair. It is from 2006 (I know a little bit old, but it’s worth it!), from a TV programme called “Dispatches” in Channel 4 (UK). Have a look, and tell me what do you think about it. After watching it, I was really terrified and I know I should not believe in everything (As mom said: “TV always lies“), but this time I believe these things happened.



By the way, let me also tell you that Ryanair was not in silence and decided to write a reply to this video, you can see Ryanair’s reply here.

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