Welcome to our blog.

My name is Marisa de Dios and I am a teacher at Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Valencia, Spain. At the moment I am teaching Advanced Level and Business English. My email address is marisadedios@gmail.com.

This is a class blog for the Business English group. Our aim is to help each other to improve our English. We share interesting links, tips, videos and much more, just discover by yourself.


  1. Hi Marisa!

    I don`t really know what I’m doing, but I think that you will receive this as a message, so now, I’m going to have a look at the blog. Soon I’ll write to you my opinions.


  2. Hello everybody. I will try hard to go to the dinner. Please Miguel book place for me.

    Regards to all of you,

    E. Tasa

  3. Hi, I’m interested to learning business english.
    I’ve a great experience developing software for great companies to solve their concerns and now I need how to do it in English. In my domain, the time is the top priority resource to planify, to manage and to negotiate.
    I seem this course very good for my goals.
    This good job is appreciated.

  4. Hello everybody ! This my first time that i´m using this blog. I´m horrible with computering, but I´m going to try my best.
    So, see you again.

  5. Hello everybody!
    My namme is Victoria, I’m interested in learning business english because I want to do labour practices in “Labour risks” in the United Kingdom or Ireland and I would like to learn some business English to communicate in any company without problem.
    See you Wednesday!

  6. Welcome to the group Victoria. Hope you enjoy this year

  7. Hello! everybody!!!!!!!! This is my first time, when I´m using this blog. It´s very very interesting and new for me. My name´s Vanda. I´m a lawyer. I´m from Russia. Now I live in Valencia. At the moment I´m studying Business English and English File at Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Valencia.I speak English, but Russian is my native Language. Ilike improve my English and I THINK, I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!! I KNOW ,IT IS VERY HARD WORK. see you on Monday.

  8. Hi Marissa! I think your blog is very interesting! We have just created one with some English Tips, I think that maybe be you will like to see it!! http://englishforbusinessspain.wordpress.com

    best regards!!!

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