How to become a member in our blog

A group of students in the Advanced Level class have collaborated to write this document explaining how to become a member in our blog. Remember that those of you who are not my students are very welcome to participate in all the activities we propose from here and write comments to the posts we publish. But only my students can write posts.

They have also recorded the instructions.


Well done Sara, Sonia, Boris, María, David, Estefanía, Ana, Lolita and Jose.

Mr Wong

When we find interesting websites we share them in our social bookmarker rather than keeping them in our own computers. That way, when you want to practice your English all you need to do is click in the tab “OUR LEARNING ENGLISH LINKS” in our blog. It will take you to our group in Mr Wong.

Just choose one of the tags and you will be able to spend hours doing interactive exercises, listening and watching programmes in English etc.

Jose Luis Beti, one of our members, created this tutorial to show you how to bookmark in our group in Mr Wong.

Find also a video-tutorial I recorded in Spanish some time ago. It was aimed at teachers, but I think you will find it useful too.


We are #inglescomercial in twitter. We  use twitter for different activities inside and outside the class. You can access this from the image on the right “FOLLOW US ON TWITTER”

If you still haven’t got a clue what twitter is, watch this video:

Remember: when you want to write something for our class, you have to write #inglescomercial first thing in your tweet.

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