Posted by: abelvp | 12 December, 2011

It’s tutorials’ time!

Hello classmates!

Are you tired of fighting with the new technologies? Well, we all know that new technologies are everywhere and that we must use them (unless if you want to live under a rock); but honestly, sometimes they are really disgusting and stressful… Moments like “But where do I have to make a click?” or “I don’t know what I did but suddenly everything is erased…” can make us having one of the worst feelings in front of the computer and that is why maybe this could help us.

I’ve decided to make two video tutorials: one is about how to use WordPress for our class, something we have already learnt (mostly everybody); and the other one is about how to use Google Docs, something we are going to use in some days or weeks.

This is the video of how to use WordPress:

And this is the other video, about how to use Google Docs:

I hope they will help us, by the way let me explain (I must do it) that these videos are made by myself and are under a Creative Commons License (CC BY 3.0), also I used on them some Creative Commons License music (CC BY 3.0) and they are specified on each video on the Youtube page. Don’t worry, in some days I will write a post about the Creative Commons License (something in my opinion marvelous for the culture, that helps many people every day).


  1. Ohlala, ….. we received your help face to face, but this is much better…..
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Very nice job!!

  3. Thanks Abel!

    It´s a very useful tool.

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